Lyrics to Big Homie Arn
You see, something's either happened or it's about to happen
Of an unbelievable magnitude
Couple of years ago, I was in Japan, wrestling, and I saw a kid named Chris Benoit
And it just flew off the page
That's a Horseman
I went to WCW officials
I played a very big part in getting Chris Benoit here
And he's exceeded all of our expectations
And I told him, the first rule is, Chris
Anything you want in this sport
The road doesn't rise up to meet any man
You gotta reach out there and take it
But, you see, there's an unwritten rule also
A cardinal rule, it doesn't just apply to wrestling or sports
It applies to every, every, every aspect of a man's life
Number one: you take care of your family
Rule number two: you don't mess around in another man's family
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