Lyrics to Big Fists
Big Fists Video:
take me out
i want to see your face
i want to know those veins
and slit them an inch above your open mouth
and i feel cool
spray spurts of chamomile on my cheek when you speak
under the lights along the avenue
you lost your pants too

and salivates a lust to your high(??)
it'll make yr heart beat faster(x4)

the drip split lips
big fists that crack these whips on the bones of my hands
dance up in the street sipping amber ale
through your goldfish gills
and i feel cool
smear dandelion sunscreen on the ass of my chin
and pull my pinkies through the rings you twirled around your fingers
in tight strands of your matted locks
it'll make yr heart beat faster(x4)
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