Big Dream In A Little Town Lyrics

Candy Coburn

Rev It Up

Lyrics to Big Dream In A Little Town
Big Dream In A Little Town Video:
Third Row, second seat, congregation loves to hear her sing,
Amazing Grace, every week
They always said, ?Oh what a gift?-- Told her if she ever left this town
She could have gone far; she might have even made it

A big dream in a little town
Hiding in a heart somewhere
Hoping to be found
Waiting for a moment
To spread those wings and fly
A big dream in a little town

He wound up and let it go, batter saw nothing but the smoke
Of a fast ball, so fast it made the scouts call
He couldn't go against the grain; daddy's strength had begun to fade
So he stayed behind to help him get the bills paid.

Small town, big league softball game, she's singin' to the flag that waves
Right before he goes to take the mound
They brush each other stop and stare, never knew it'd be right there
Every road had lead them there somehow
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