Lyrics to Bicycle Seat
Bicycle Seat Video:
When I was a little boy My momma, she said to me Son, When you get big grow up What you wanna be I said to my momma Don't wanna be no doctorman A politician, a movie star All those things I can There's one job I'd like to have, You can never beat To be bolted to a chrome frame and be a bicycle seat Life could be oh so sweet If I was a bicycle seat Ride, ride limbo treat sit on me, I'm a bicycle seat No more hustles, no more deals No more trying to sneak those wheels No more cruisin' or cosmic raps No more staring at ladies laps No more eyeing little worms No more chasing after bumms No more would you like to dance No more getting in their pants Everything i really mean Is riding right to the bumper seat No more smelling good to waste With you pressed against my face

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