Beyond The Last Mile Lyrics

Ray Price

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Lyrics to Beyond The Last Mile
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BEYOND THE LSAT MILE I'm watching the clock tick the hours away They say that I must hang at the dawn of the day But why should I fear death for it's life anew For dying only takes me much nearer to you You left me in anger to walk by the sea And when they found your body they blamed it on me But you know they were wrong so wait for awhile For we shall be together beyond the last mile The stars hide their face to make way for the sun And soon death it shall claim me and make us as one While others are walking the streets with a smile Then I know I'll be walking beyond the last mile The chaplain is making his last plea to God Soon up the numbered steps to the scaffold I'll trod My footsteps will falter I'll walk with a smile For I know you'll be waiting beyond the last mile

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