Lyrics to Beware, Oh Take Care
Beware, Oh Take Care Video:
To you I'm just a memory
Something lost among the leaves
Something found along the way
And so begin these empty pages
At the end of a dream
Watch it slowly fade away
The slight of hand the bait and switch
All the parlor tricks have been played on me
I've seen them come and watched them go
Into the night down a road of stone
Beware, oh take care
I guess it takes a thief to know one

And liars live for broken things
Traitors just smile and smile
The actor has his black mirror
The poet a poison throne
To rule his kingdom alone
But I'm still singing the blues
Dancing that old soft shoe
I'm still drift'n from cloud to cloud
Never looking to come down
From hell to high water
Over that angel bridge
Out into the wilderness
Beware, oh take care
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