Between Today And Yesterday Lyrics


Echo Street

Lyrics to Between Today And Yesterday
Between Today And Yesterday Video:
It's just a few miles til oblivion now
There was a bad connection from the start
I need to crash the barricades, the wood and paper that you made
To feed the flames that roar within my heart

Between today and yesterday, it's alright
I know there's time enough to dream
I get the same recurring thoughts in the night
I never know quite what they mean

So never try to turn your head, avoid the bitterness
You learn to lead your life in subdued light
I never had the urge to guess the space between my birth and death
Another candle snuffed out in the night

It's better to leave your frustrations
And ride the train as far as it goes
It's better unspoken than spoiled and broken
Something that fate only knows

And it goes on

Well maybe I was foolish
To go and let you in
And I ain't disappointed
To feel my memories scattered by the wind

And maybe I was stupid
To try and get away
But it's just another daydream
That's caught between today and yesterday

Well we're caught between today and yesterday
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