Between Maybe & Never Lyrics


All In Blood With You

Lyrics to Between Maybe & Never
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[ Lyrics: Milad Tangshir ]

Now the matter is reason
In the state of hesitate
One by one the visions fade away
Seek out the answers, were they ever there?
A darker sun shines through your fate

I can take no more, kill that trembling
I reach out to you, why can't you hold me so tight?
I have seen you there, all my dreams gone dead
Maybe just as well came here with no living dream

Who are you?
Don't you touch me
Oh god of shiver inside
Let me go!

Your illness is killing us all
A creature is never to decide
Use your own mind
Are you brave enough to hold a fragile dream?

As an older man I sit and wonder
Over my life, is there any feelings left to plunder
Shattered notes here and there, all the thoughts yet undone
Free stoned gaze, frozen words never spoken
All my doubts I shall live forever
Or just few more holes between maybe and never
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