Between Here And Awake Lyrics

Eleanors Fault

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Lyrics to Between Here And Awake
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I'm alive
but only in the chills that run down spines
as i walk by
can you feel the memories
of the lives ive claimed
listen to the sound
that click
its so familiar now
its the three second countdown to the end of your existence love
raise this glass to dying in her arms
in your mothers arms
anothers arms
your lovers arms
raise the dead tonight
when evans army falls
ill lick the blood
ill torch his walls
and be free
free to sleep six feet from sunlight
and to dream of an angel come to save me enslave me then rape me
taking all im worth to the grave with the promise i made to another
between here and awake
raise the dead tonight
this is a promise i made to another
i made to my father
to die in my mothers arms
raise the dead tonight and follow them
raise the dead tonight
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