Lyrics to Betty Boop
Betty Boop Video:
[VERSE 1: Sugar Kay]
Let me put you on the scoop about Betty Boop
She's a hip-hop hoe, she rocks the whole damn troop
You're rockin rhymes, makin records, you're good to go
She's very sneaky, very freaky, let me warn you though
She goes from hotel to motel, from motel to hotel
She not the sweet jazzy average old female
She not the girl you wanna take to your mother
Because up under the cover she been dogged by every brother
A hip-hop fanatic, she follows the tours
And if your voice is on wax, you know you're waxin drawers
So if you're rockin and you're shockin and you're doin the show
Remember Betty, she's good to go - ho-o
For Betty Boop and ah, for Betty Boop and ah
Yo Mike, won't you put em on the scoop and now..

[VERSE 2: Mike Master]
Betty's always ready to bust a move
Especially when she's rockin to a Kings of Swing groove
She's like boots on reserve at the Timberland shop
She goes 20 below and her boots are really hot
She's more hotter than a microwave oven
She got the good stuff all the brothers be lovin
Yo, before you do it, rag it and you tag it
Before you stick your jimmy, make sure you bag it
You don't want no crabbies hangin on your shit
Because Betty is a freak and you don't quit
To the beat y'all, beat y'all, beat y'all, beat y'all
Ragged it till her knees got weak y'all
She's like a thoroughbred, she got finesse and stamina
After I finished Milk Dee started slammin her
Yo, so here's a warning, a special alert
Now if you think about marriage you get your feelings hurt
She's not the type that's for all-time lovin
Cause girls like Betty Boop..
[ Sugar Kay ]
..they come a dime a dozen
Well, she's like a girl scout goin from door to door
Instead of sellin cookies she's givin much more
She's givin blow jobs and balls across the nose
An expert hoe, she doin all these shows
Well, you got Betty Boops out in every state
From New York, Chicago to the Great Lakes
And if you're lookin for a skeezer, well, Betty's the move
She's like a catch expense, she can catch the groove
Well, if you're lookin for Betty, you wanna spend some time
Get on the microphone and bust a rhyme
For Betty Boop and ah, for Betty Boop and ah
King of Chill, this is the funky loop and ah

[Sugar Kay]
Hey yo Mike, man
Betty's the sweetest girl I ever had, you know what I'm sayin?
[Mike Master]
Me too

King of Chill gets a piece and ah
Milk Dee gets a piece and ah
Suger K gets a piece and ah
Mike Master gets a piece and ah
Positive K gets a piece and ah
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