Lyrics to Better Way
Better Way Video:
(feat. Lil Head, Trae, Lil B, Dougie D)

[Hook x2]
I know, it's gotta be a better way
I'm asking you Lord, to please deliver me
The one that I trusted, wasn't no friend of mine
I recognize the hate, when I begin to shine

[Lil Head]
Sometimes I ask myself, now who can I trust
That's why I blow hydro, till my brain is congusted
With these words, that I'm speaking out
I'm trying to reach out, by telling you what to look for with funny people now
Listen, did I mention that I'm speaking the real
Take it from a lil' nigga, that has shedded some tears
Been in the game five years, and my ass still broke
My only source ain't come, to sell grass and dope
If I get time for a dime, I'ma lose my mind
Yeah I'm a motherfucking man, but that don't stop me from crying
Baby mama give me drama, always bitching bout money
Lord knows I love Amaria, Rashard and the money
I wonder how people will act, when I make my first mill
How much ass they gonna kiss, to make me think that it's real
No, the do' I stack is going all to my kids
All I'm saying haters, is let me live for real

And now I see for rich and clear
This life of mine, ain't what I thought that it would be
These niggas be hating never less perpetrating, on who the fuck that they be
You would think they would be happy, to see me make it
They tell me that they love me, not knowing that I know they fake
And so I ride one deep, at least one deep I get to be all alone
No friends no foes, just Trae and how I'm loving to be in my zone
I got a son, I gotta mash fo'
So it ain't no stopping, when I'm bumping for my cash flow
I tried to break bread with niggas, but the greed came
Run around telling everybody, that we done used they name
Baby boy I did you a favor, so you need to let it be
I'm out your league, and plus you've never had a friend like me
I'm way too real it's in my blood, and I could never be shife
From day one I kept it gangsta, and now I'm paying the price
So a nigga done think a nigga, that's gotta run out and leave
It'd be best to keep your distance, 'fore I make you bleed fa real


[Lil B]
I'm sick and tired of the struggle, Lord it's gotta be a better way
Searching for sunshine, can't seem to find a sunny day
It's full of rain drops, falling against my window pane
Lord I'm so sick and tired, I need a quick way to make me some change
I look at my fam, and think about how much my people in debt
You can't even imagine, how much I think about getting my family some wealth
From going to school to work and here, then off to the studio
Them haters be wondering why, Lil B commits to wreck every flow
I got's to get a mill ticket, by any means necessary
Especially for my father, Isaac and my T Rose Mary
My brother Red, locked in the Penn they sentenced with him ten
Feels like it's forever lasting, Lord when will the pain ever end

[Dougie D]
It's a situation of circumstances, we fall in
And how well you handle the situations, makes you a man
I think God daily for making me, the man I am
And Dear God continue to guide a G, according to plan
Have you had a friend to look you in your eyes, and say they love you
While all the while your friend you thought you had, was trying to fuck you
Don't get it twisted whodi, you thinking I don't peep you
I'm trying to see how far you gon take it, before I stink you
And I've been giving niggas, the benefit of the doubt
They plan on burning a nigga, and I'm just trying to help out
It's a cold cruel world, and thangs ain't no better
Therefor I gotta stay focused, mashing for my cheddar
So whatever you do, and wherever you go in life
Just remember niggas is shife, and the bitches twice life
So I'ma keep pushing and pumping, mashing and stopping for nothing
Dear God thank you for showing some love, on your buddy Dougie

[Hook x2]

Better way, for me [x2]
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