Lyrics to Better Tomorrow
Better Tomorrow Video:
Shame soaking up the rain
I think I've found a way
To forget why I love
All the things I'm dreaming of

You're uninvited though
You seem to have a heart
More innocent than you know
That I lost so long ago

If you have the time
Can I cry on your shoulder?
It might help
I've nothing to blame but myself
Still it's always the same
When you're feeling down
You always break down

So if you see the sun shine under the landslide
I'll be waiting for a sign to wake up
And if you see the sun shine over the rainbow
I'll be waiting for a better tomorrow

Love all around me now
It's never quite enough
To embrace without fail
So I'll live to tell the tail

Time can be something of a blessing in disguise
Boy, I hope I'm not wrong
I don't think I'm quite that strong
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