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Lyrics to Better Than This
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She tripped on her words again
She stopped trying to make sense
By laughing at me
I feel sorry for her she doesn't know better
I ask her to stay away
She tries to say something intelligent to me

Any place would be better than this
all hurts hanging like a specialty fish
Never been born you don't even exsist
Trade in your days to the night to find the light comes through and haunts your brain

So you walk on water
to save your soul again last night
couldn't turn away your dogs who bite
Hey i i must rise to face you
shakin all over the world tonight
and i'm stuck in this room


say i save a second to fly over the moon tonight
you profit from the pain if it feels right
hey i i'm waiting to come
why don't you take somebody home
and take it from me you know


Feeling too good for the mood
for i know there's a goodbye coming me all the time
Songwriters: GHAZAL
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