Lyrics to Better Next Year
Better Next Year Video:
At the pub on Monday night
I know I shouldn't but it just seems right
Just need a place to be alone
Can't believe a year has gone
I'll have myself a Bundy and coke
Before your memory starts to choke me up again.

I should move on, I know I can
I should show how strong I am
And make this day and place the start
To drown this aching in my heart
I'll raise my glass to my new deal
Before your memories haunt and I feel you again

But I'll be better next year
With my therapy of whiskey and beer
And my ability to find someone new
And my willingness to get over you
Until then

I'm going to clear this house from top to bottom
But please don't think that you're forgotten
Photo frames and that old guitar
The memory of being in your arms
Playing that thing and the kids sang too
Dust would settle on me and you
And I'm free again

Repeat Chorus (x3)
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