Lyrics to Better Me
Better Me Video:
It's a real life true dilemma
how can different thoughts
get together and live inside of me
sometimes i gotta do it my way when
i know i need to take the highway
here i go again will it ever end
one thing i can be sure of

you can see right through to me
a shining star with imperfections
even though i may/ hiding deep inside
you wait so patiently cause i am living
you can always see the better me

two sides in everybody's story
maybe down maybe in the glory
i wrestle deep within
you're a light bringing resolution
you're the answer to the right
i wanna go your way though
its hard enough each day
one thing i can be sure of

i wish that i could find a better way,
to balance
what i say and what i do
and if the answers hidden in your love
then one thing i can be sure of
then one thing i can be sure of

(Thanks to Marleigh for these lyrics)
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