Lyrics to Better Days
Better Days Video:
Up on the Oregon coastline where the forest kisses the sea
Laid back on a backwoods backroad is where I'll be
Off the map and under the stars, running in the redwoods
Out of the rat race and into the goodlife where it's beautiful
Up on the Oregon coastline where the fog blankets the trees
Singing along to the song of the Pacific is where I'll be

Cooling in out in Colorado where the earth touches the sky
Living large on a scenic route getting Rocky Mountain high
Snowflakes and deep blue lakes a pine dressed acre on a night
Moonlight on a white winter night, quite in love and slight
Cooling out in Colorado, the range life is the life for me
By the fire in an old log cabin is where I'll be

So get me free and take me away
Back to the basics and on to better days
There's a treasure buried in an old small town
I'll find my peace, I'll come down
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