Better Beautiful than Perfect Lyrics

Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers

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Lyrics to Better Beautiful than Perfect
Better Beautiful than Perfect Video:
I run a little insurrection that moves in the direction that beauty is
Beauty in
Spite of
See the crosses at the roadside
See the thornbush ablaze in bloom
Put your feet in the sand, a lukewarm beer in your hand
Momma, let down your hair
Yes, I´ve chipped a tooth
No need to call home
I don´t have to be anywhere

We can hear the bossa nova
We can sway the night away
The steps to the dance are best left up to chance
Better beautiful than perfect, anyway
And while the moon wanes and waxes
Death and taxes are lurking out there
Life is grand, Love is real and Beauty is everywhere

And so the clear blue sky
No, she never made a sound
Though she was blindfolded, gagged and bound
Now see the poppies pushin´ up through the bones on the ground
But the body´s never found


Can you hear the bossa nova?
Let us sway the night away...
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