Lyrics to Betrayer Love
Betrayer Love Video:
Deceitful One, truly I loveth thee, truly I adore thee, please have me
Take me, I beg thee, you make me weak as I for thee have to seek

Betrayal is her name, the reason for my shame
Betrayal is her name, the reason for my shame

I know she will hurt me, still I want her more
She will never do me good, but I must have love
For I am addicted to the most dangerous of venoms

When you lift me high I have no fear
Though you always let go when we're as highest
In every woman I search for thee
For that you I wish you'ld be
A fool she've turned me, see


She appeared not in red for me, but in blue
Surely yes, my heart beat fast, and my breath was aching
But warmth or affection had no way with me
Rather then a teasers prey I was
She bond me by flesh, but not by trust

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