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Lyrics to Betrayal's Affection
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Verse 1
So here's my story
My heart will second guess
My world is turning
Time has already passed
Now I can see
Words are broken, but I'm not sorry...

Why are you my enemy?
Tried to let go
Questions out of affection, answers in deceit
Words without actions leave my soul to bleed

Verse 2
My doubts have turned to realizations
Case closed the verdict is given
My heart abused, lack of empathy
I give you this letter signed in tragedy
My jealousy...takes no toll

Beauty its brightness
The sun doesn't rise
Burn up these letters
The ashes will fall from the sky

Breakdown 2x
My blood is...
My blood is...


Does the word lust mean anything to you?
Do you hide in your own dishonesty and self-preservation?
Do you relish in the fact that others suffer in your hands?
Is your world only concerned with apathy?
I find the only thing unchanging about you is your tendency to change.
Listen closely!
The church bells are ringing.
There's an echoing as I repeat, â??You can't save me, you can't save yourself!â?
Time is coming, and everything is closing in!

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