Lyrics to Betrayal
Betrayal Video:
I never would have thought it
Somebody must have been informing
Now tell me how the fuck they get a warrant
How they come to my house in the morning
Have a twelve gauge pointed at my month when I was yawning
A know it was a setup how the fuck did it happen
Check the phone lines internet cause somebody's tapped in
I'm going out my mind trying to think who it was
Another drug lord or maybe one of my squad
But no it could'ntbe wouldn't do that to me
These are my friends wouldn't mess around with loyalty
The only thing we ever shared was trust
An eye for an eye
Blood in blood out it's all love
So if it's not one of my boys it's got to be someone
A'l have to find out my cell like the place that I'm stuck in
This is not what I need right now
Av got a baby coming
And I really want to see that child
Got to get out
Thinking I should give them a plea
But what the fuck have I to gain if I tell him it wasn't me
Tell him it wasn't he I was somewhere else
And I Don't think they over look the fucking knife on my shelf
Had it right in my belt
Should have left it that night in the cell
That's where I have to pay the cost of that price
Oh well
Your looking at me like it's just my dumb luck
But I'm not a dumb fuck I just lost it that night
But it's not all bad shit you wouldn't believe
Al be out real soon see they work for me
Making deals do they dirt with me
Not for free you see
I got a brother and he is Police
And when I'm out
You know I'm going to find that prick that snitched
Grassed me up I will cut this dick
Seems you can't trust no one when you live like this
Put the flames to his head he has brunt this bridge
You known it's not like me to slip up and get caught
That's why a kind of think it's an inside job
So now I'm trying to think what this prick might want
He is living reckless
But not for long...

So much on my mind now Iv got to get out here
There's rules to the game and I'm going to call foul here
Al find who it was and whoever that did it
Is going to wish they where dead
Al make him live to regret it [x2]

I'm not living happily
Work all week for that salary
Every days a tragedy
Another rape murder assault and fucking battery
But a look at my brother like hes a technicality
I let him off with no charge
For a small charge
Ten years in the force ain't made serge
My brother sells bars and I keep him out of bars
He might be a dealer but I hold the cards
And he does dirt cleans up and gets paid
Makes more a day than my weekly wage
He would be happy with the cage if he made front page
I'm not happy as I said I got stress in my way
The only thing I got good is my woman
And I love her as much as I should'nt
Helping out my brothers really getting on my nerves
I only want her
To protect and serve
And we could run away but she won't leave
And when I'm not with her makes my heart bleed
But somethings going to happen that will change her mind
Somethings going to happen that will make her mine
Now my bother he done done it again
Got himself locked up got himself to blame
This time someone snitched someone grassed his name
They say they got a warrant and they came in his home
So again he wants me to help him slip away
Can't get locked up there's a baby on the way
His wifes got a bump
Due in a few months
Can he raise a kid are you taking the
But you want to know a secret don't tell
I got a little problem with my girl as well
See love hurts
The girl I'm with it's his
It gets worse (what)
It's my kid
That why when he got caught I didn't help
In fact I even wrote the warrant myself
I knew he had the knife
I knew theyd give him life
I knew with him gone I could be with his wife
So I tell him this time that he must do time
Don't worry about your family
They'll be fine
Now he locked up with nowhere to go
By his own brother but he'll never know
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