Lyrics to Betrayal
Betrayal Video:
[1st Verse:]
Did you really fucking expect to get away with this.
Saying what you said you mine as well be dead.
When I get my hands on you.
There wont be a motherfucking thing you can do.
Settle the score.
This is the reason I brought you here for.
Can't forget these wounds that are sore.
They wont heal in time.
Ive tried to ignore.

You really crossed the line this time.
No more time for you.
So long.
This is what you get.
For lying.
No more time for regret.
So long.

[2nd Verse:]
My heart is pumping.
My veins are jumping.
Sit the fuck down.
Theres no way out of here.
I know you wish now you would have thought it through.
Now theres nothing left for me to do.
Settle the score.
This is the reason that I brought you here for,
You're sick sad pleasure.
For my utter humiliation.

Never want to feel.
The same.
Feel the same.
Feel the same betrayal.

Never again will I
Never again will I trust another inside.
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