Lyrics to Bet the Farm
Bet the Farm Video:
I've played a few times. Won a few hands, lost many, many more. I'll bet the next hand like the last one, with all I've got. 'Cause I know the secret, if I keep on, I'm alive. Not ever perfect, but never aiming to be the best at anything.

When you daydream you may find things you've been hiding from yourself. It may frighten you but after all that you've been through you must feel so bulletproof with something so simple as this.

Your foolish escapades, you know they'll never amount to anything. But you want to try, still want to try, always try. What's a guy to do when all his dreams have fallen through and everything he's got is so ordinary? Trust in helping hands that helped you get to where you stand. There's perfect people everywhere, they just won't tell you.
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