Lyrics to Best Worst Mistake
Best Worst Mistake Video:
You can guard your heart forever
Keep it safe and keep it sound
But love won't feel so heavy
If you spread that shit around

What is it that you're afraid of?
Being hurt? Let down? Destroyed?
Well you know it all can happen
And there's more you can't avoid
You're a diehard, you're a radical
A fighter through and through

So tell me why you're so afraid of
A cause that's new
And true
Like me and you?

So man uo
Break out
Dive in
There's no knowing how it ends
Until you gut up and begin

Climb in
Breathe deep
Hold on
You can't know how good it gets
‘Til you go or ‘til it's gone

Be lost
Be wary
Be afraid
But don't hide out in the dugout
While that final game is played
Make that trade
I'll be the best worst mistake you ever made

Really? Sports metaphors?


It's not that I don't love you,
‘cause I don't not love you
And I'd lie to say I'm never sometimes always thinking of you
But when something's deeply felt,
it seems shallow just to say
The thing that's expected,
the same dull cliche

[Lucas (David):]
Like you're so sweet, you're so fine
(so it's scarifying, terrifying, and you're panicked, in a sweat)
You're the one
(it's the nightmare of all nightmares , and)
Please be mine
(the best you'll ever get)
(‘cause you're in love)
Love is neat
(love's a bitch)
Love is nice
(love's a queen)
Let it go
(Love's a witch)
Pay that price
(Love is joy)
Love is true
(Love's a boy)
Who loves you
(I love you)
I love you
(I love you)
I love you
(For all time)
For all time
For all time (For all time)

You tricked me into saying that

It's too late
It's done
You're through
‘Cause I said it and you said it
And I know you meant it, too
So man up

Man up

Break out

Break out

Dive in

[David & Lucas:]
There's no knowing how it ends until at last we both begin
We're lost
We're lonely
We're afraid
But the sun will still be shining
When we come out of the shade

[David (Lucas):]
And promenade
(I'll be the best worst mistake)
Best worst mistake
(You ever made)
(I'll be the best worst mistake)
Best worst mistake
(You ever made)
Best worst mistake
(I'll be the best worst mistake)
You ever made!
(You ever made!)
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