Lyrics to Best Of Me
Best Of Me Video:
(Verse 1)
My fears are far behind
Don't feel like changing
I can't walk beside you
When you're running
So I stay behind
Slowly breathing
If not for you
I'll let you take me down

You get the best of me
Cause Ill never, I'll never back down
You won't take the rest of me
ill never back down never back down
You get the best of me
Cause ill never, ill never back down
You won't get the rest of me
Ill never back down, never back down for you (not in 1st chorus)

(Verse 2)
To see and not to hide
The times are changing
Won't you read the signs
Instead of wondering
So I say goodbye
I'm finally breathing
I'm done with you
Now let it take you down


And if I live to see tomorrow
I will live to hurt myself
When you drown yourself in sorrow
And you break me down
B-B-B-B- break cha break
Ya try to break me down
You still can try but you can't hold me down

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