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Lyrics to Best Intentions
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Don't look back at a real sad ending,
What'd you expect from a bad beginning,
I can't go out with someone
Who's love for someone else still lingers on,
I'm not afraid of moving on,
Just afraid of what we'll become,
I can't help it if my worst apologies always follow my best intentions..

When it seems that pain is all I feel,
Worst case scenario's gotten to real,
It's getting so hard just to deal,
You say that you've got problems in your life,
Break up with me and you just might find a better way of living on your own,
Yes, I'm moving on with my life,
Yes, I'm moving on with my life

I never thought that this would end right,
I never thought that we'd still be friends,
Every time we try we move to fast,
I should've said that in the back of your Nova,
It's a shame that you left as quick as you came,
I'd take you back, but it just won't feel the same,
Go ahead look around, but it's all good luck,
Yeah, I know, being friends just sucks

(chorus x2)
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