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Stephen Lynch

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Lyrics to Best Friend's Song
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Stephen: Mark has been my best friend for many years now, and I wrote a song-

Mark: About one.

Stephen: ...that's a lot of months. I wrote a song to celebrate what I think is our greatest asset as friends, and that's our complete and utter differences. We're total opposites when it comes to almost everything.

Mark: Completely.

Stephen: So I wrote a song, and we're gonna sing it for you now.

Mark: Gay. Not gay. Just one thing. It's this shirt, isn't it? Alright, I'm the gay one.

Stephen: Thank you! I didn't wanna out you in front of everybody.

Mark: I like my toast buttered.

Stephen: And I like mine dry.

Mark: I dig the Beatles.

Stephen: I'm a 'Stones kinda guy.

Mark: I have fine taste.

Stephen: And I like things cheap.

Mark: I wanna stay up all night.

Stephen: I just wanna sleep... with your sister!

Mark: I'm sorry, what did you just say?

Stephen: What?

Mark: No, you just said something about you want to sleep with my-

Mark: I like the sunshine.

Stephen: And I wanna nail your sister.

Mark: See there, you just said it again. I like Julia Roberts movies.

Stephen: I just wanna F*** the S*** out of your sister!

Stephen: Well Tyke, you would rule, if you'd say "It's cool"

Mark: What are you talking about? It's not cool!

Stephen: I'd go pick her up at her Jr. High School!

Mark: Woah! Hey! That Sister? NO!

Stephen: Yeah! I wanna F*** your sister! I just wanna F*** in her F***ing face and C** all over her hair and stick it in her eyeball and-

Mark: Hey! No! OH MY GOD! You can't skull F*** my sister!

Mark: Hey, hey, woah! Wait a minute!

Stephen: What?

Mark: Woah, goddamit!

Stephen: What???

Mark: You wanna F*** my sister?

Stephen: Yes.

Mark: You wanna F*** my SISTER?

Stephen: Yes!

Mark: *pause* $26.50.
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