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Lyrics to Best Apart
Best Apart Video:
Times of laughter, times of anger
So precious was our time together, my heart

Ran away from home, not a word to our
Parents, first time living together
No money no mattresses, we cuddled up

Talked until dawn, not wanting to waste
Time sleeping

Overcame the lonely nights and the freezing
By pressing into each other's bodies
Such sweetness always by my side
Your smile always managed to erase any

My first birthday since we started our life
Both so busy, had to spend the day apart

Came back home to find an expensive
Wallet when you had no money

Tears fell unexpectedly
Waited for you to come home so I could say
"Thank you"
My cup overflowing with tenderness
Warmth, pulling at my heart
Listening to the footsteps walking down the
Hall of the apartment
I waited with anticipation
Hearing the sound of the keys opening the
Front door
I rushed to greet you

Time to leave this place, leaving only happy
Memories behind

Times of laughter and times of anger
So precious was our time together, my heart
Eternal love never sanctified
If only I could have stopped this fleeting time
Our last day at the apartment, on the walls
Doused with happiness
Our names
We wrote softly, deep in tought
With a stroke of a pen
"Best Apart" as written by Akiharu Tsukiyama (pka Miku), An Cafe
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