Lyrics to Bent 4 U
Bent 4 U Video:
you're unsure and you're not ready so that must mean I want you you're unavailable and disinterested and to you I look for comfort a million times in a million ways I will try to change you a million months and a million days I'll try to somehow convince you I have waited for you and adjusted for you and I'm done I have deferred to you and enabled you and I'm done you're too young or you're too old or you're simply not inclined you're asleep or you're withholding be that my cue to crave you several times in several ways I'll try to squeeze love from you several hours and several ways I'll feast on scraps thrown from you I have bent for you and I've deprived for you and I'm done I have depressed for you and contorted for you and I'm done I have stifled for you and I've compromised for you and I'm done I have silenced for you and sacrificed for you and I'm done it won't be long before I am reclaimed it won't take long and I'll be on path again it won't be easy for us to disengage I'm at the end of self deprivation stage you're afraid of every woman afraid of your inner workings you cringe at the thought of living under the same roof as me god and everything a million times and a million ways I've tried to alter to match you several times every several days I've tried to uncrush on you

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