Lyrics to Benjamin
Benjamin Video:
Benjamin, you've got a lot to show, it seems
We know all about you
How charming is that?
But I wonder if we waited longer
Will we get more than we expect?

Well the first thing that you learn
All misplaces that is constantly a change
All cities love to change up paces
And the districts change their names

And when you're lost we'll track you down
Bring you back on solid ground
Let you know you'll always be found

Just sleep on it
For a little bit
Let the feeling grow
I can agree
It surprises me
That it feels like home

And when townies all look the same
While college can get insane
We still always remember your name

(Good one)

Why don't you show us how it's done?
Call a spade a spade
And a gun a gun
You tried too hard to prove yourself to us and
You seem to have impressed everyone
They'll only miss you a certain degree
'Cause it'll still feel like you didn't leave
'Cause you still belong to me

Why don't you sleep on it for a bit
Let it all sink in
You should relish your accomplishments, oh Benjamin

When you go and go and come so long it shows
Fall asleep you know it shows
Why don't you keep on going when you get there?
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