Lyrics to Bend The Light
Bend The Light Video:
seen so many things slip away from me
stumbled home and cut my chin along the way
lately I can't get your voice out of my head
silly things you used to say to me
like why does life go by so fast
and days just creep along
can I open up my expectations long enough
to write this song to look inside to open my hand

is it any wonder that I shine when I'm around you
bend the light that only you can see

come to me in the night
walk me into the silent water
cast away all your fright
sanctify the place so deep inside your darkness

if a mountain follows a shooting star into the sea
if a stranger leads you down another road
let it be my voice that warms you in the night
silly prayers on my wings to you
so dance around the sun until I take my weakest breath

in all that I embrace watch over me
surround my face with love
carry me down to the water
carry me into the sound
carry me down to the water
and I'll sleep with you under the ground
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