Lyrics to Belly Grasp
Belly Grasp Video:
it's one last shove
and as i dangle from this angle, you've won
so push me up
it's a beautiful belly grasp
unchangeable cheating thoughts
that make us bleed

how can you sleep at night
try to sleep under your hands
how can you sleep at night
falling faster into your
the proud mismatch is crater-filled
how can you sleep at night
i know
tear my arms off onto your
it's worthless but within reach of you

it's locking palms
one hand in yours and the other is lost
between us
my arm is red
it's numb from the answer
it's worn from the question
you pushed out

before you leave
tell me one thing
good thing that i'm wrong
forward soldier, march off

you hear more when you don't speak
why aren't you listening?
why don't you do what you're told?

it's all scattered on the answers that you know
it's all written on the back of your hand
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