Lyrics to Belle Isle
I found myself in a new city
I met you again fortuitously
And you quickly put yourself into my sights
I fell so hard my friends swore I was blind
And now I'm lovesick and sunburned
And summer's only beginning

I've done many foolish and hurtful things
Twisting myself up into the sheets with guilt
And I've let loads of men into my life
Who smothered me with jealousy and pride
But you seem so cool
And I'll bet you do make me feel like a lady
I wish you would hold me in your arms
Like the night we made out on Belle Isle
I know there won't always be fireworks
But we saw them that night for a while

I know that I'm very new in town
And I'm so scared my past will run me down for good
But when I see you looking back at me
I think you see the girl I wanna be
And for now this bitter earth is suddenly worth all the trouble
We danced to that song twice in a row and I can't let go all that easy
Songwriters: Anna Burch
Publisher: Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
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