Lyrics to Believe
Believe Video:
Staying in control is how we choose to be
I know this is an issue with which you may not agree
We're not saying good or bad
Just seeing someone hooked is sad
Throwing their lives away to the end
I just hate to see it happen to a friend
Strong enough to just say no
I know our thoughts don't STAND ALONE

You mess yourself up- it doesn't stop there
You mess with the kids who want to be aware
You waste your life and you waste your time
We'll help you back but you've got to try

seeing youth out there so unaware
It's time we showed we really care
Stop the madness before it gets out of hand
We're todays youth and we'll do what we can
Believe in yourself and take a stand
Help others in need to understand
This is our choice, how we'll always be
To always walk proud and
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