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Lyrics to Believe In You
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And so you've found the perfect manHe's gonna give you all he canAnd I can see that you were not preparedSo don't go rushing into thisPlease take the time to remenissRe-estimate the memories you've sharedBridgeBut underneath it all he seemsAnother product of your dreamsAnother heartbreaker to pull you down(Chorus)You just believe in youAnd after time you'll seeYou underestimate your capabilityYou couldb e so much moreYou could be breaking looseJust take the time to thinkabout the path you chooseAnd how could you not realizeThat he would be as cold as iceTurn his back and leave you there on your ownit's obvious you're in his bed as far as I can tellIt must be like you're coming back for more(Chorus)Repeat Chorus

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