Lyrics to Believe In It
Believe In It Video:
One thing in this world we need son
it's love & patience.

I learned more as I got on 

Believe in it. 

There's something in these eyes you see huh?

There's something in my life that beats on, 

You can share in what I know 

You can share in all I know

Believe in this

If there's something in this world you want son well you gotta take it 

But something free ain't ever owned no. 

Believe in it.

Was something in your head abandoned? 

Was something in your heart, a reason? 

You got to keep on keepin on,

I wanna take you higher 

Believe in this there aint no mistaken 

You got to make it your own

Aint nothing in this world you need more than love & patience. 

You'll learn more as you get on 

Believe in it.

There's something in your head that's reeling

There's something in your heart you're feeling, 

Its gonna keep you keepin on.
Publisher: Lyrics © BOB-A-LEW SONGS
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