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Now I really don't care about no nigga tryin to slang and I really don't give a fuck about no nigga tryin to Bang cuz we got, hand times commin down like rainy weather we can buck N shoot em up or we can all rize together with the price in your eyes the pep in our step I'm tryin to spit the message out until I reach my last breath my physical awarness plus my continous mind pülus the Live microphone equals righteous rhyme so you know I'm flowin' like H2O then fountain non-stop to a thirsty soul I be like, cupid draw back my bow point it at your mind N let my fly rhyme go cuz I, a man born to die small speak on till I'm carried by six to my restin' home cuz I'm a hoochy fader devastader, real Busta Hater the hommy's call me "G" cuz I'm g-g-greater on the microphone splurgin cut snakes like a surgeon and Busta you can't fade cuz I flowt ight like a virgin Chorus: Being raised as a "G" it ain't the easiest thang to be Runnin' - Gunnin' - Ridin' - Rollin' Hey-Aye It's got the best of me As I grow you watch me come with the smooth flow. Cause you know Mr. P don't stop I let it go. Now I'm comin up. Cause it's the thing to do cause I brought yall on this track you see I thought yall knew another black man I got the master plan and I'm twisted comin back so yall can understand because it's in me I'm comin deep like the sea and I'm swimmin in this mystical frame. You see I'm off express mode cause I deliver my own and I'm wishin and I'm hoping I can sit on my throne, I'm all alone. I'm pushing 2 times to yall dome. It's my brain and I'm wishin you well can't you feel that I was born I had the mission right from the start then I carried it then I burried it so listen up cause I got to tell you one more time stay real and stay up as I kick my rhyme's. Chorus

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