Lyrics to Behind Your Eyes
Behind Your Eyes Video:
(Verse 1)
Dreams of winter come alive
This is our world
I swear I saw right through your eyes
And found out an answer

(Pre Chorus)
Cause it feels like emptyness to me
Knowing this will end and its not up to me
So close I crawl back to my room
And write out an answer
And I find

That look in your eyes is haunting me
You sneak out your room and we find a scene
Then we kiss and I pull you close so I can
See behind your eyes
But you drift away

(Verse 2)
Once high hopes now fall behind
Welcome to my world
So you can fall in love for a night
And wakeup without her

(Pre Chorus)

I know you're not waiting for me
I know you are all the same and
I don't need this situation
I know you're just playing games but still..

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