Lyrics to Behind You
Behind You Video:
This is another mystery, unknown history
How'd I end up here?
I used to so sure, always had the cure
I didn't have a single fear
Nobody could phase me, never would daze me
I was on top of my game
But now the time has passed it went so fast
Only got myself to blame

Lost and confused
Alone without you
I don't want to
Stay behind you

You left me in the dust with nobody trust
Now I'm all alone
I've been abused and I decided to lose
All the love that you had shown
Maybe I'm blind cause I cant find a solution for this pain
Or maybe I just need to open my mind
And find myself again

I feel so sick, once again
Left alone don't have a friend
Wonderin' what lies beneath
Hope I can get out when I'm in knee deep
Cannot keep our memories inside
Cause now you're gone and I cant find
Anybody else as good as you
I gotta admit that it is true, I'm
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