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Lyrics to Behind Closed Doors
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[Verse 1]
She call me on the phone breathin and moanin
I'm seein phone call, sayin she wet, hot, and alone and
Baby we could corleone it and fuck till the sunrise in the mornin
I'm cocked strong, a gang of condoms, and I'm feelin like conan
Restin for ya brown skin and ya soft thick thighs
I'm on the freeway wit a hard dick doing 125
Keep it hot baby, rub it if it start gettin cold
So much passion, love it when you stay in that mode
I was knockin on the door fore she hung up the phone
She opened it up, grabbed me by my collar, And it was on
We did some hardcore fuckin, dead in the eyes
As I got front and back and side to side
Lift yo legs up baby, throw 'em over my shoulder
Wrap the dog shit, let you see the range on my rover
Take a ride through ya sugar walls hittin them corners
You in bed wit a felon tonight behind closed doors

We can do it all, behind closed doors
Behind closed doors
Just turn off the lights, and I'm all yours

[Verse 2]
Up against the wall, rubbin yo thighs, Lickin yo neck
As we embrace, face to face, tongue kissin, passionate sex
In them dark rooms, fuckin by the light of the moon
Blowin circles wit c-c-chronic smoke caressin ya womb
Whisperin in ya ear while I hit it slow from the back
Moanin cause she knowin how deep I'm bout to go in the crack
Gettin silly sometimes, in the morning when I awaken
Tryin to hit it from the back while she cookin eggs and bacon
Had to reinforce the frame cause the bed keep breakin
It's like an inch of the room, the whole room be shakin
Fixin to start a fire, moan if you wanna
Cause baby if ya body got curves, I'm hittin corners
Wit my thug thing wrapped between ya peaches and cream
Pull up to ya bumper in my black limosine
Triple X like a magazine, we put on a show
The only audience is me and you behind closed doors


[Verse 3]
My objective is to get you more wet like champagne
Bed bump against the wall, neighbors call and complain
Boxers, shorts, sling shots, Still got on my socks
Now we naked playin twister, drinkin Hennessy shots
Bout the ring around the bed baby, just you and me
We can go a couple of rounds wit no referee
Behind closed doors, body soft like marshmallows
Fixin the pillow, black thong, black stilletto
Take old bennie, still look like a cattage grill
Talkin to her friend, she tellin I'm daddy's ill
Never shout wit ya bomb-ass beautiful body
Potential to put a nigga to sleep like a hot toddy
No corns on ya feet, I can see through ya sandals
Baby let's do it like animals on discovery channel
Behind closed doors

[Chorus x2]
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