Lyrics to Before You Go
Before You Go Video:
I want to write a song to you
But what am i supposed to do?
When the words I need I can't explain
I only have myself to blame
I have one chance to make you see
That I am all you'll ever need
I have this pen to write it down
But the words aren't coming out.
Please stay.
Don't go.
I know you know.
My love won't fade.
Erase the pain.
Choose me.
You'll see.
That I never want to leave.
Now all that I have to do
Is find the courrage to tell you.

The hardest part for me to say
Is everything I can't explain
While on the town with other boys
My tongue is twisted I've got no voice
My friends all tell me to relax
That there's no chance I'll never ask
I'll show them all after our date
But by that time it'll be too late.
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