Lyrics to Before It Breaks
Before It Breaks Video:
Today we saw things of golden
And they were golden alright
Today I helped you climb
The highest fence, the highest fence
And when you fell down, I couldn't help but laugh

But now it's just so sad
'Cause I'm further away each day
As the darkness swallows you
And summer keeps raging

And so I run across the lawn
Just leave me out of this
Just get me home
'Cause I've seen things that I could do without
And I've seen empty shells climb around
From back to back
And it's a long walk through the neighborhood
Pass all those faces staring at you from behind closed curtains

And they think they know love
But they really don't have a clue
Just keep your head low and your fingers crossed
And we'll walk right through
While summer keeps raging

I wanna go high
I wanna see the countryside from above
I wanna sit next to you
I wanna hear your voice
I wanna be a child
'Cause this world was never meant for me
I need to leave it behind
I need to see something
I need to get out
I need to get out
I need to get out
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