Lyrics to Bees
Bees Video:
Send us a signal, give us a sign
The needle's on empty, but she swore everything would be fine
But it's on fire, and there's bees in the walls
They're buzzing so loud that I swear I miss every one of my calls

So do it with smoke, do it with light
But whatever you do, just make sure that it's strong and it's bright
Cause it feels like the end
But I now and then overreact
They've been saying that since way back when the moon turned to blood and made rivers all over your back now

This whole world conviction and a lifetime of wonder
The creeping suspicion that it's all soon going under
Bought all my sandals from that landslide in the small town
The wax from the candle's on the strap of her costume ballgown
It comes through the windows just like radiation, it penetrates like a saber
And according to all my calculations, the sickness will descend in even gradations, defying the preacher's evaluations
Now is always better than later

Go get the door, send them away
This is not a good time and it doesn't look like a good day
Cause the house has the odds, they're a hundred to one
That you will decay in your tracks and you'll blind as you stare at the sun
Just making it's rounds and increasing the dread
That each morning you leave slightly more of yourself in the bed

But the radio's on and it's turning my heart into gold
And the guilt I once had is gone, it's replaced by a fear dying before I get old now

The scent of the decay will stay with you all of your life
The way that the blood still, decades later, stains your pen knife
It's 10:59 according to the clock at the station
Oh, what a perfect time to begin making accusations
It's easy to forget, but it's tough to lose, like the color of your complexion
Blends in so nicely with purples and blues and most of the time it's disguised as a bruise
It sleeps under the skin as the good life accrues

If breathing's the error, it's the simplest correction
Oh, cause of breathing's the error, it's the simplest correction
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