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Shabba Ranks

X-Tra Naked

Lyrics to Bedroom Bully
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My daddy was a bedroom bully
bedroom bully for I man mommy

Then daddy bully Shabba Rankin mommy
Then Shabba mommy have a bully baby
And the bully baby god almighty was me

We a bedroom bully with a hoover pulley
Flexible waistline and have the whinery
We a bedroom bully with a Hoover pulley
From you girly girly you protect your body

Now two type of man weh love the coochie
A the bedroom bully and Tom Dooley

Now the one Tom Dooley no live righteously
Just so far fi di law and god almighty
By going around and eaty eaty

Me feel horny want somebody me bawl
It a tickly my my belly, it a scratch my my foot
A pain me a my head it a hurt me tell the girl them

I'm a bedroom bully without mercy
In my bedroom is my territory
Any girl come test they cannot leave me
Application set fi a girl test me
Any time that she test she cannot leave me
Cause the love she receive is big and heavy
It's nice and sweeter than milk and honey

She'll never leave me She'll never hurt me
A she know this man is a bully baby
A she love Shabba Rankin to eternity
A the love she receive is super quality
Shabba love up them bad like a teddy baby

(Merci à El-Ouadi Zakariae pour cettes paroles)
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