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Lyrics to Bedilia - Back For Cake
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Nathan Grantham died, screaming for his cake
Dirty bitch, what he called her, a deadly mistake
Hatred, what she felt, she wanted to see him dead
Weaponed with a marble ashtray she bashed his head

Guilt! Feeling remorse would be a lie
Obsolete! That old evil bastard had to die

I want my cake
Been rotting here for all these years
He's had enough now he's pissed and awake
Give me my cake
You can't escape, this geezer will kill you
But first he will catch you and force you to bake

Gathered, to celebrate,
His death that made them rich
Vultures, living of his money,
Ain't death a bitch?




Back from the grave, to get my cake
Sweet taste of revenge
It's fathers day, I'll make you bake
Today I will avenge
Back from the grave, a big mistake
To kill your own father
It's fathers day, your life I'll take
Sylvia's head for a starter

Enter her fathers grave, she will face her fate
It's fathers day, but today aunt Bedilia will be late



They're gonna try but they cannot escape
He will get his cake, a head on a plate
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