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Lyrics to Because I Love You
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When you say that our love was through There was nothing that I could do But now there's something that I wanna say Baby I just can't go on this way Because I love you baby Honey I do Oh Lord, I tell you I do You got to understand Don't turn away before you heard me out I'll wipe away all your doubt Don't want to see you leave me alone Babe I want to see you come home Because I love you baby I swear I do Baby, baby I do, yes You got to tell me I love you baby I don't want you to leave How could you? Don't do this to me Think, baby! Hard to say it is all through I go to go on loving you, girl Please don't turn away Tell me, baby, that I can stay Because I love you And oh, I need you Baby, baby You got to, got to give me your love And good start man You got to, oh yeah Yeah, baby, baby without your love I need you, I love you Yes darling

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