Lyrics to Beauty To My Eyes
Beauty To My Eyes Video:
Stars have been subjects
of poets and priests and
girls on bended knees.
I see the heavens looking at you
I like just looking. Good enough
for two, half for me half for
you. It comes completely simple
and true.
'Cause you're beauty to my eyes.
You and the brightest start amusing
the dullest skies. The only truth
among all of these lies. You're beauty
to my eyes.
Now I am dreaming, voice in my head
and you are breathing from my bed. I
wake up sensing reeling for you. And
when I'm lucky, blue eyes help me see
a sunset vision just for me. I think
you know that I see to too (Chorus)
always hoping that under light and
under certain skies you'll always
know that you are beauty to my eyes.
Now it is day time but it cannot compare
to everything that I find there. First time I
saw you darling I knew. (Chorus)

Sometimes looking and other times lost.
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