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Lyrics to Beautifull Child
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Beautiful ChildBeautiful ChildYou are a beautiful childAnd I am a fool once moreYou fell in love when I was only tenThe years disappearedMuch has gone by since thenI bite my lip, can you send me awayYou touchI have no choiceI have to stayI had to staySleepless childThere is so little timeYour eyes say yesBut you don't say yesI wish that you were mineYou say it will be harder in themorningI wait for you to say, just goYour hands, held mine so few hoursAnd I'm not a child anymoreI'm not a child anymoreI'm tall enoughTo reach the starsI'm old enoughTo love you from afarToo trusting. . .yes?But then women usually areI'm not a child anymoreNo, I'm not a child, oh noTall enough to reach for the starsI will doAs I'm toldEven if I never hold you againI never hold you again

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