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[Cee-Lo] Mmmm.. this particular song right here is.. dedicated to the black woman And it doesn't pertain to all black women because some of y'all disrespect y'allself because you don't know who you are in the first place This is out of common respect, for all women period Word up, like this song, yo Yo, I'm quite single, and occaisionally I mingle But aside from all the rest, she sparks my interest No, ma'am, I don't know you Just offering the common respect I feel I owe you Also, some conversation, companionship, common-ground and common-sense There's no such thing as coincidence in, me finding you here And I really hate screaming in your ear, so some other time, OK? I waited a day *phone rings* Hello? This is Carlito from a couple of days ago, you sound tired Forgive me if I've called you too late But what better time to relate mind-state? Where could I begin? Hasn't anyone ever told you you got beautiful skin? You're more than welcome, what do you desire within? I just, wanna be, there's no need to put titles on you and me Those are limitations, living and learning are our only obligations Equality, honesty, independence, intelligence, emotion and devotion Humbly seeking to hear God when he's speaking At one time, my mind, just, couldn't conceive A woman had to dress a certain way to believe But, in the same breath, a-llow me to say That, if you believed young lady, you wouldn't dress that way And I, was attracted to your class, I couldn't see all yo' ass And, I was very content, and you deserved every complement Now, remember our indifferences make us the same You gotta have some game, or, many of you won't even be able to take care of yourself, uh And Love, when I look at you, I see my reflection So I offer my love, affection and protection Shawty, you dead fine, but the bottom-line is You're still my sister Chorus: Cee-Lo *singing* Well, I say you're my, beginnin my end You're my sista lover and friend God is, your light from within It shines through your beautiful skin What they, say bout you ain't true There's no me if there is no you I hope, that you understand You got to respect yourself before I can [Gipp] Yeah, I met you and y'all knew, saw you again on Marietta Downtown Atlanta, checkin your long legs, got me smirkin Fixed me dinner one night, candles lit Kinda ahought you was slick in the beginnin But it teurned out you wouldn't lie Looked me in my eye, I listened Sucked it up, pushed on, we made amends, both sides clicked True friends, since then, years done gon by Brought a baby girl into this world, made our parents grandfolks Household with no hope, took care of ye, you me When shit got put out on the curb Closer than the skin on the back of my hand Through the thick and thin, we can win Beautiful black skin Chorus [Khujo] No need to compete, with the music loud or stairs cold, put on a scale, of one to ten, you a twelve I chose, her over jail and hell Originally from ATL [T-Mo] Compatible souls come together, under bad weather to discuss distrust amongst the so-called good in every wo-man, how I wish this was true I deal with facts only, already done cloned me Why I sang the blues, when there's only one God that watches over our every step, I need his help when I'm walkin, lookin for the right female I can't tell sometimes They tell me the devil's comin humble in his approach Spontaneous with the game He caught the naive of a girl fallin for the OK Let the pistol smoke the one you live by Die by, examples of how relationships can be [Khujo] I rolls the dice, takin a chance at crappin out Like today boy, I lost one of my best hips Natural thick lips, no animal fat implants Wide load, just started workin at the airport 19 years old, worth more than her weight in gold But it was all my fault, so don't cry, understand If down the line I want you back and the feelin ain't mutual just promise me you'll find a new man -- that's bout some business Hope she find what her was lookin for, like a dreamto my end I wanted to be more than friends Beautiful black skin (black skin) Chorus: repeat to end

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