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Lyrics to Beautiful Nightmare
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I found myself in the dark
No one's here to show me my way
I cannot move, cannot scream
Is it real or is it a dream

Trapped in a world full of pain, can't regain
What I've lost now is bound to nether world
Lights falling out as I pass
Shadow hounds reaching out for my neck
Wanna leave this mess

Suddenly I see a light in the distance
It seems that destiny has plans for me

Are you fake, are you real?
Am I fake, am I real?
Will you bleed if this...
knife will cut you?!

Darling please! What is wrong?
What is wrong? NOTHING'S WRONG!
Oh no! Stop it! NO!

I have killed who made me cry, laugh, love now get away! Out of my head!
I won't leave you...
The madness overcomes me, no girl's left who tended to be fake
Will I burn in hell for my sins?

What have I done
I am longing to reach my brilliant dream again
Dark and bizarre
But still I am sure
You'll be on the other side to wait for me
The madness is real
Just a surreal dream
I've lost what's been me

(Dank an Thomas Jenser für den Text)
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