Lyrics to Beautiful Moment
Beautiful Moment Video:
Standing here right now
How can I contain what I'm feeling?
In the quiet of my heart
This is what Your love is revealing

[Chorus: ]
When I think about the life You gave for me
So I could be with You eternally
I think about the cross that rescued me
In a beautiful moment
I want to give my life right back to You
So You are glorified in all I do
Every thought I have just brings me to
This beautiful moment
Oh, oh

I can see the sun
You saved me from the dark, that surrounds me
Because of what You've done
Finally forgiveness has found me

[Chorus: ]

Nothing I can give could compare
Oh, nothing
I will give You all that I have

[Chorus: Repeat 2X]

Oh, every thought
Every thought brings me right to You
Just brings me right back to this beautiful moment
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